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Just a few of the Captain's favorites.

The Everyday Home Chef

The Captain's blog for food and fun. Eat with the Captain, or at least read about it!


I have enjoyed my account so much that I had to add a link for these folks. Great rental service, in my opinion.

Atarian Sun Developments

One of the Captain's favorite sites, dedicated to the Atari Jaguar, Nuon, and other such fun.

Captain Zoli's Emporium

Visit the Captain's Emporium for games and other goodies.

Captain Zoli's The Day In Gaming Blog

Read what the Captain has to say about his Day in Gaming.

Jaguar Sector-II

Join the Captain at Jaguar Sector II, a forum dedicated to the greatest video game system of all time, the Atari Jaguar.


Gaming: Old-School Style

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