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Monday, 24 January 2011
Early Reviews are in for the Pizza Hut Big Dipper Pizza
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: Fast Food Review Roundup

     Recently, actually Saturday night to be specific, I ordered some pizzas from Pizza Hut, although not the Big Dipper they are currently trying to push.  Seems to me it just an overpice gimmick, and since that is what I believe it to be, I passed on it for a couple of large pies with pan crust, which I usually don't get when it's just myself either.  I pretty much am a thin crust, light on the cheese kinda guy most of the time.  Well, it depends reall, but now days with the diet in full force, it's better to have less calories on my pizza. Granted that's not what happened Saturday night, but I digress.

      Anyway, the folks over at the Slashfood blog jumped in and reviewed this thing, saving me time and money so if you are interested in what they think about it, head over and have a look.  As for me, I find it hard to believe pizza hut would roll out a new crust for this thing, so I'm sticking with the slightly different form, higher price, not worth it theory.  Your mileage may vary of course, and I may very well try it down the road if I get the idea that it may be different.  Anyway.

Check out the review.

Posted by the Captain at 2:13 PM CST
Monday, 8 November 2010
Harvest Festival Finally Comes Through for Me
Topic: Lord of the Rings Online

     So, after days of trying opening the ridiculous hidden chest with each of my five characters, last night I finally got the rare skeleton horse/pony that I had been looking for.  Not only one, but two of my characters hit it big all within a few minutes of each other.  Luckily, they are the two characters I have been using the most recently, so at least that worked out.  Would still like to get one for my main though.  Not going to hold my breath just in case.  Anyway, the picture is of my Dwarf, Loghorn, a level 21 guardian.  My Rune Keeper also pulled down the rare drop as well.  Good times.  Really though, it was about time.  I know I haven't farmed that chest as much as some people have on the official forums, but it's still nice to get a rare drop like this from time to time, especially since it's one of the cooler looking mounts available in the game, in my opinion at least.  LOTRO doesn't usually get into the strange and exotic mounts that are sometimes found in other games.



Posted by the Captain at 3:37 PM CST
Wednesday, 27 October 2010
Vindictus Out the Door
Mood:  blue
Topic: News



     Well, looks like the boys and girls over at Nexon have gotten their newest, blood soaked MMORPG out the door in the guise of Vindictus.  Granted, beta keys have been floating around for a while, and granted, I know very little about the game despite having had a said beta key for some time, mainly because I simply haven't played it, but that shouldn't stop anyone who is interested from going on over and trying it out.  Never can tell, one may find they enjoy Vindictus and its free to play stylings.  Might even give it a shot myself, since I've been meaning to anyway.

Posted by the Captain at 11:52 AM CDT
Updated: Wednesday, 27 October 2010 11:54 AM CDT
Champions Online Follows the Crowd to Free to Play, Surprises No One
Mood:  blue
Topic: News

     Or at least it should come as no surprise that another struggling "AAA" monthly subscription MMORPG is working on moving to a free to play model, especially after the success that titles like Dungeons & Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings Online, and to a lesser extend Everquest 2, have seen to the bottom line.  The people at Cryptic had to see all this transpire and know that was pretty much the only path to trying to bring in a respectable amount of subscribers to their much maligned, but actually quite fun superhero themed game.

     I'm not going to pretend to be impartial here on this one.  I'm a lifetime subscriber and have been playing the game since beta.  I have and do love the game, played the pen and paper RPG prior to that way back in the day, and have a strong affinity for the licence in general.  Having achieved full disclosure regarding that, I find the move to a free to play model unfortunate, but I understand as well that games must make money and that in terms of viability over the long haul, this was probably the only decision that could be made.  

     I still think it is ridiculous for companies to have a cash store to sell things to subscribers that are already paying a monthly subscription, but that seems to be the wave of the future.  It is disturbing though that companies seem to think it is ok to screw over their paying customers, and make no mistake, that is exactly what is going on, no matter what the apologists would like you to believe.  But I digress.

 Here's the link to more information on the plans for the change over, should it be of interest to you.  If you haven't tried the game out, it's certainly worth a download for free. 

Posted by the Captain at 11:14 AM CDT
Updated: Wednesday, 27 October 2010 11:16 AM CDT
Trying to Decide
Mood:  blue
Topic: Editorials and Rants

     Irony is a thing that has been fuller in effect in my life this year than in previous, do to more real life situations than I care to remember currently. Nothing really can be done about that.  An interesting, so not that interesting depending on your point of view, side effect of all of this chaos is that for quite some time my gaming pretty much ground to a complete halt, for no better reason than I just didn't feel like playing.  Too much turmoil can have that affect, I'm afraid.  Doesn't matter anymore though.

      At this point though, with more time on my hands, I've noticed that lots of things have changed, especially in the course of MMORPGs that I used to play periodically and I don't really know which ones I feel like revisiting.  So far, I've stopped in on Lord of the Rings Online, Guild Wars, Champions Online, Everquest 2, Age of Conan, Dungeons and Dragons Online, and various and sundry others for brief stints or betas.  That's been the way of things so far.

      All have their benefits and drawbacks, charms and frustrations so the choice isn't as straight forward as it might seem.  Many I've played off and on since launch, going for long stretches without logging in, then putting in hours upon hours for long stretches.  I'm leaning towards Guild Wars, just because the sequel isn't that far away, and I believe I have all of the expansions to it, which I've only recently even bothered to look at.  Maybe with the exception of Factions.  Don't remember if I have that one or not.  Probably old age sneaking up on me, or at least it's been so long since I purchased it that I just flat out can't remember if I'm thinking about Factions or Nightfall again.  Either way, it isn't on my account currently.

      Then again, I have probably six months worth of Age of Conan game time cards laying around the house.  And I do enjoy the game, especially not that they've actually polished it up a bit and made it playable.  True is after so long in beta, I was surprised the launch of the retail game wasn't an even bigger disaster than it way.  God knows there weren't many beta testers that thought it was ready, and most believed it was going to need a year or more time in development before launch.  Granted, they launched it anyway, and it was a disaster, but if you had seen the last beta version of the game, you'd know it could have been much, much worse.

       So, I don't know, guess I'll play some Guild Wars, maybe try out the fall festival in Lord of the Rings Online again, save the day for a bit in Champions Online, maybe I will just dibble and dabble a bit in each one until I get too bored to even speak.  I don't know.  I do know I'll be around a bit here and there.  Maybe I'll try out the Free to Play mode of Pirates of the Burning Sea when it finally goes live.  Been a while since I've been there.

Posted by the Captain at 10:46 AM CDT
Updated: Wednesday, 27 October 2010 10:52 AM CDT

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