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Filthy McNastier: Maximum Dousche

The Nastier Sequel from LBP
Posted Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Title:  Filthy McNastier:  Maximum Douche

Year:  2002

Genre:  Horror/Comedy

Format Reviewed:  Netflix Streaming 

     Guess it was only a matter of time till the folks over at Low Budget Productions managed to work up a sequel to Filthy McNasty.  Actually, it didn’t take long at all.  Either way, on offer here is Filthy McNastier:  Maximum Douche and the official party line is:

     "Phil the demon is back in the sequel that begs the question, just how nasty is Mcnasty? This time around a small chested tart is looking to become the popular girl if only she could have bigger boobs. SO by conjuring up the spirits she unleashes Phil to Grant her wish for a bigger set of milk pillows, but of course there is a price which ends in Phil Having Lots more sexual bloody carnage with the help of Scrotal Vengeance Villain, Razor McBleed.  This takes the Filthy Universe to the next level of Nasty and shoves it square into your Tooters!"

     Written and directed by Chris Seaver, Filthy McNastier carries right on fully in the spirit of its predecessor, wallowing in lewd humor and graphic violence depicted by dubious special effects, all culminating to form a low budget film of the cheapest variety.  It is also, like its predecessor, a hell of a lot of fun to watch.  Yes, you read that correctly, despite it many obvious shortcomings; it’s a blast to watch, especially with friends while getting drunk as fuck. 

      There are a lot of things that can be said about a film like this, but the truth is most people already know if they enjoy Troma style low budget film making or not.  Low Budget Pictures films are right in the same area, if not lower on the food chain, so if you don’t like that kind of movie, this one won’t be for you.  For the rest of us that enjoy at good laugh, no matter how bad the horror packaging, this one will provide a great time and a lot of fun as you laugh your way through it.  This is how it all breaks down:

Gratuitous Nudity:  Nice amount of tits and ass.

Graphic Violence:  The violence is early and often, though the effects are uneven.

Story/Plot:  The plot is about big tits.  Take from that what you will.

Acting:  Not good, but it never is at this price.  By friends for friends.



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