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Captain Zoli's Review

Champions Forever

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A Great, 16-Bit Boxing Game

This was one of the games that drove me to purchase a Turbo Grafx 16. I still enjoy playing this game. Champions Forever has an assortment of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time to choose from and to box against. You can play an exibition bout, or jump right into career mode with an unknown boxer.

Over all, the graphics are very good. The sprites are colorful and detailed, the ring looks like a boxing ring, and the ringside gives the player the feeling of a big time boxing match. One thing, the boxers themselves are well done and resemble their real life counterparts much more than I expected they would in a 16-bit boxing game. It is cool to see how beaten up the fighters portriats look between rounds as well. There are many details that add to the unique look of this game.

Gameplay is a strong point for Champions as well. The boxers are responsive and the game is easy to learn and get into. I loved taking my inexperienced boxer against some of the all time greats. The career mode plays out over several fights, and you have the opportunity for your boxer to rise to glory, or fall to embarassment.

The only weak part of this game is the sound. It is scratchy and distorted in many places. I was surprised by this, considering the quality of the rest of the game. It was so bad, that when I purchased this game the first time (when it was first released) I thought my copy was damaged in some way, but it was not, the sound is just bad.

Despite the poor sound, this is a fun game to play, and one that I would recommend to any TG-16 owner. I love this game. It is my favorite boxing game of all time.

4 out of 5

Copyright 2004-2005 Ronnie Richardson. All rights reserved.